How to make money on Youtube

By Oscar, Last updated on April 03, 2023

What kind of film can you make money on YouTube? How to make a profitable film, and what type of film makes it easy to get tens of thousands of views of the video?

How to make money on Youtube

Table of Contents

  1. A video of the discovery of new products and things.
  2. answer questions.
  3. Product review.
  4. make a vlog.
  5. Product comparison.
  6. tutorial.
  7. sharing newbie experiences.
  8. Haul video.
  9. gift ideas.
  10. reinterpretation of a video
  11. Transformation video.
  12. get inspiration from other videos.
  13. Unboxing video.
  14. Time-lapse video.
  15. Story Video.
  16. Daily Video.

A video of the discovery of new products and things.

People are always interested in new things, so be novel and fresh. It must be something that others do not know.

answer questions.

For example: how to change the electric light in my kitchen.

Product review.

When people buy a product worth more than 30 pounds, they usually look for an online review, especially on youtube. Most of the time, they want to see how the product looks, regardless of whether your product review is good. Even if others have already done this product review, you can continue to do it. Because when buying a high-priced product, people will usually look for more product reviews more carefully. Product reviews have not only video revenue from YouTube but also affiliate revenue.

make a vlog.

It's easy, but it's not easy. You have to be expressive and attractive when facing the camera.

Product comparison.

There are many similar products on the market, through the same price comparison, with different brands of performance comparison, the same brand of different models comparison, price limit comparison.

For example: Canon 6d vs Canon 5d mark iii. Canon 7d mark ii vs sony a7iii. A vacuum cleaner under 200 pounds.


Record A gourmet tutorial, a simple excel tutorial, a manicure tutorial. Everyone must have something they have done well and share their experience.

For example: How to remove duplicates in excel. How to make pancakes. How to remove acrylic nails. How to let my cat know I love him.

sharing newbie experiences.

It's kind of like a tutorial series, but it's different. Use your own experience to tell others what to do when encountering something like this. For example, How to play wordle from the beginning. How to install a toilet seat. How to ride a snowboard.

Haul video.

A Haul video is a recorded video. A person discusses a recent purchase of an item in a video and sometimes also describes their experience purchasing the item, including the price and people and events.

gift ideas.

For example, Gift ideas for snowboarders. Gift ideas for a couple. Gift ideas for a colleague.

reinterpretation of a video

The same theme may become meaningless over time. For example, there may be a big difference between the 2020 product comparison and the 2022 product comparison. You can also reinterpret the videos other people have made in a year. People like to see new things.

Transformation video.

A transformation video is a recorded video that shows a comparison of the same thing or a person before and after a period of time, sometimes describing the reasons for the change.

For example, GIRLS' BEDROOM MAKEOVER BEFORE AND AFTER. My Weight Loss Transformation. Small Garden Makeover Transformation Before and After. Tree seedlings before and after. Lake mead before and after. I Used natural vegetable oil On My Hair For 14 Days.

get inspiration from other videos.

Take inspiration from other people's successful videos, watch your favourite channel and watch the hottest videos on this channel, and shoot the same video.

Unboxing video.

An unpacking video is a recorded video showing opening the shipping box and using the product after a product is delivered to the user.

Time-lapse video.

Time-lapse video is a video editing technique that makes time appear to speed up by stretching the frame rate and playing the video at an average speed.

For example, Time-lapse of the sky at night. Growing Sunflower Time Lapse.

Story Video.

I still remember the story told by my mother when I was sleeping when I was a child. You can also tell a story. Take a storybook and revise it to tell a story of your own.

Daily Video.

People always gossip and want to know about other people's lives, know the daily lives of different people, and satisfy their interests. At the same time, you can also make some professional videos.

For example

  • The daily life of a doctor in MK.
  • The everyday life of a supermarket cashier.
  • What did I do in one day?
  • What did I eat in a day?
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