How to make money fast online in the UK

By Oscar, Last updated on April 03, 2023

There are many ways to make money online. We try to write down all of them. There is always one that suits you and increases your income.

How to make money fast online in the UK

Table of Contents

  1. Online surveys
  2. Get paid to search the internet
  3. Start your own website
  4. Get paid from affiliate marketing
  5. Fiver
  6. Use your social media “influence”
  7. Review websites for cash
  8. Get paid to play games
  9. Sell your photos to get extra cash
  10. Flip domain names
  11. Get paid to watch videos
  12. sell items
  13. Get paid to make videos on YouTube
  14. Publish an eBook
    • Where can I sell e-books?
  15. Sell things online with Dropshipping
  16. Start a clothing business
  17. Online tutoring

Online surveys

All online surveys will not give you a good reward. We do not recommend spending time on it. You can get more returns in the same amount of time.

Get paid to search the internet

  1. Best Sites To Get Paid For Searching The Web

Start your own website

Is it too late to start your blog? The answer is "absolutely not". As long as it can provide helpful information, it will never expire. It is the longest-term idea of making money online. It is like a good book, and some people are still willing to buy it after 10 or 20 years. But this idea doesn't make money right away, and it usually takes four months to make a profit.

  1. How does a beginner run a profitable blog
  2. Photo website
  3. Dropshipping website

Get paid from affiliate marketing

How to start to do affiliate marketing? You don't need a website. You don't need a blog or even a youtube or Twitter account. You just need to send a link to your friend who buys the product, and you will get a commission, which usually takes 1 to 2 months. It takes two months for all of this to get a commission for the first time.


It should be the fastest cash online, but you need specific skills. Without skills, you need to have a keen ability to observe people's needs and constantly find new profitable products. For example, when the octopus game is popular, you can immediately make related products. Buy it from someone else and sell it on fiver

Use your social media “influence”

  1. Sponsored posts.
  2. Become a brand representative / ambassador.
  3. Make money on Instagram and other platforms through affiliate marketing.
  4. Patreon account.
  5. Promote your own products.
  6. Sell your photos.

Review websites for cash

Get paid to play games

Sell your photos to get extra cash

How to sell photography online

Flip domain names

It is challenging to make money now. You must buy the domain name first, then sell it. You need to spend a lot of money to buy the domain name. I even doubt that this is a sales method by the domain name company.

Get paid to watch videos

How to make money on Youtube

sell items

Selling products online has always been the easiest way to make money, and the easiest way is to start on eBay. But It is challenging to make money on eBay now. The price of the goods is extremely close to the wholesale price.

Get paid to make videos on YouTube

How to make money on Youtube

Publish an eBook

Writing e-books seems to be full of difficulties. You can solve all problems if you have good inspiration. No one will tell you how long it will take to write an e-book, and no one will tell you what conditions it takes to write an e-book, let alone what title you should give to an e-book. Writers only need to maintain the desire and self-discipline of writing. Many people make money by writing e-books as part of their monthly passive income. After you translate your knowledge into words, someone will be willing to pay for it as long as something is attractive.

Where can I sell e-books?

  1. Amazon, If you want to attract more attention and get more traffic, you can choose Amazon.

  2. Own website, You can also sell e-books through your website if you have your own website. This approach allows you to keep all your sales without paying a certain percentage of your revenue to platforms like Amazon. At this point, you can learn about building a website on SiteGround.

  3. Weebly is a platform for quickly building websites and selling digital products on them. But individuals need to spend some time and effort to attract more visitors to the site. Fortunately, there is also an SEO section for your reference.

  4. Nook Press is also a platform that can sell e-books and is a competitor to Amazon KDP. Although there are not as many buyers as on Amazon, many customers still buy e-books on their websites. For each e-book priced at $2.99, the author earns 65% of the copyright revenue on Nook Press, which is lower than on Amazon.

  5. Smashwords is not as popular as Amazon, but it is also a platform worth trying. Smashmouth claims that Smashwords is the world's largest independent seller of e-books. If you publish an e-book on Smashwords, the author distributes the e-book to the world's largest e-book retailer.

  6. Gumroad, you can sell Audio, e-books and videos on them. The seller interface on this site is straightforward, and you can also view data analysis of daily sales. Sellers can also share their digital products via email, social media and websites with one click.

These are the five leading platforms for selling e-books, of which Smashwords is the smallest and least known market. Let's take a look at the writing of e-books. You must be familiar with your products.

Sell things online with Dropshipping

Now making money through Dropshipping is not as easy as many people say. Hot-selling goods out of stock, customer complaints, and returns are many challenges. But this can make you an extra income and make a lot of money.

Start a clothing business

It is not a simple project. It needs enough money and a team to run. Suppose you only sell clothes designed and made by yourself. You can consider selling them on Etsy and then consider further development after making a profit.

Online tutoring

A person who likes to teach others and seeks opportunities to work from home should become an online tutor. Online tutors work comfortably in their homes. To help students of all ages, students need extra help because of difficulties in learning a subject or the need for higher exam scores. In that case, they can often seek the services of an online tutor. Various online tutoring companies help these students improve their academic performance. If English is your first language and pronunciation standard, you can quickly become an online teacher teaching English.

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