Toy rental

By Oscar, Last updated on February 26, 2023

Toy rental has always been a good idea to make money, and it is essential to choose the kind of toys to rent.

Toy rental

Table of Contents

  1. Nerf gun party for teens and adults
  2. Laser gun.
  3. Electric Toys.

Nerf gun party for teens and adults

Children love to play games. This is definitely a profitable idea for a long time, buy 50 NERF GUN at a wholesale price, then rent 12 to 18 at a time, and provide unique products, such as obstacles and tanks. At the same time, you can provide venue rental and program hosting services.

Laser gun.

This kind of product does not need bullets. The gun can be used after charging. There is no bullet loss, but because the electronic products will consume more than Nerf Gun, other similar NERF guns.

Electric Toys.

Usually, these toys are large electric toy cars, electric toy tanks, electric toy cranes, etc. These are provided to children in shopping malls or parks with a charge for each time. Because of these large toy cars, parents generally do not buy them because of their high price. So parents will be willing to rent it to children when they go to the park or shopping mall.

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