Window cleaning business

By Oscar, Last updated on February 26, 2023

The window cleaning business is a business that is easy to start and does not require expertise.

How to start a window cleaning business

How to start a window cleaning business.

You only need buckets, rags, and scrapers to start making money, but this is far from enough. It would help if you had some professional equipment, which would make it easier for you to develop.

How much does it cost to start the window cleaning business?

You will have a vehicle with transport equipment and a "Reach & Cleaning" system. You can convert it from your car or buy a used car for vehicles with transport equipment. "Reach & Cleaning" is about 500 pounds.

Who are the customers of the window cleaning business?

In the beginning, only consider cleaning small and medium-sized houses. When you have accumulated some experience, consider selling your glass cleaning service to high street shops and coffee shops.

The profitability of the window cleaning business

Usually, you need 15 mins to clean one house, and the driving time takes 15 minutes. You can wash 10 to 15 house windows a day, with an average income of 25 pounds and a total of 250 pounds to 375 pounds a day.

Does the window cleaning business need insurance?

Yes, but the price is low.

Does the window cleaning business need to set up a company?

When your business develops, set up a company. The establishment of the company will bring you more business.

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